Majors, Minors & Programs

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Accounting M (PDF)
Actuarial Science m
Advocacy m
  • Public Administration
  • Law
  • Non-Profit Management
African Studies m, c (PDF)
Art M, m (PDF) Art History m (PDF)
Arts Management m (PDF)
Asian Studies m, c (PDF)
 M, m (PDF)
Biology M, m (PDF)
Business M, m (PDF)
Chemistry M, m (PDF)
Coaching m
Computer Science M, m (PDF)
Creative Writing m (PDF)
Dance m
Data Science m
Development Studies m, c (PDF)
Diplomatic Studies m, c (PDF)
 M, m (PDF)
  • Financial Economics
  • International Economics
Educational Studies M, m (PDF)
Licensure programs in:
  • Elementary (1-6) - Major Only
  • Secondary (9-12) - Major Only *
    • English Language Arts
    • Mathematics
    • Science: Biology, Physics
    • Social Science: History
    • Foreign Language: Spanish
  • Interdisciplinary Major/Minor (concentrations listed below)
    • Child and Family Studies
    • Education & International Studies
    • Education, Identity, & Public Policy
* Secondary Education majors must declare a second major in Biology, English, Hispanic Studies, History, Physics or Mathematics