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Minors for Nursing Students

In the School of Nursing and Health Sciences, nursing students have the opportunity to pursue minors in various fields, including Human Services Management, Health, and Spanish. Nursing majors can complete a minor with the requirements for the BSN in four years of academic study. Interested students should contact the Director of the School of Nursing.


Human Services Management Minor

Qualified nursing majors may elect a minor in Human Services Management offered by the Division of Business and Economics. This minor offers an educational pathway leading to entry level management positions in nursing, following appropriate clinical experience, or to graduate study in nursing service administration and/or business administration.

  • Economics 100 - Introduction to Economics
  • AD112 - Accounting for Decision Making I
  • FIS 200 - Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance
  • AD341 - Organization and Management
  • AND
  •  AD344 - Human Resources Management
    AD332 - Marketing in Services Industries and Not-for-Profit Organizations


Health Minor

A Health minor is also available for nursing students. This minor places emphasis upon the individual's understanding of health issues and self-care practices and choices. 

The Health Minor consists of a minimum of five course units, including:

  • Health 280 - Perspectives in Global Health
  • Health 300 - Achieving Wellness: Issues and Choices
  • Health 330 - Human Sexuality
  • At least one of the following:
    • Health 230 - Human Nutrition
    • Health 297 / 397 - Internship in Health
    • Health 301 - Stress Management
    • Health 310- Special Topics in Health
    • Health 350 - Drug Abuse: The Individual and Society
    • Health 351 - Abuse in America
    • Health 370 - Women's Health
  • One of the following:
    • Psychology 100 - General Psychology
    • Psychology 253- Lifespan Developmental Psychology
    • Biology 110 - Biology and Human Concerns
    • Biology 117 - Physiological Myths
    • Sociology 305 - Medical Sociology


Hispanic Studies Minor for Nursing Majors

Illinois Wesleyan offers a formal minor in Hispanic Studies as a complement to the bachelor of science in nursing. The six-course minor includes work in language, literature, and culture through the University’s Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, including a medical Spanish course where linguistic and cultural skills are put to use in a professional context.

The Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures offers several options to meet minor requirements:

  • Study Abroad as an IWU student while living in Barcelona, Spain. During the sophomore year, spring semester, with immersion in Spanish language and culture while living with host families in Barcelona. As part of the IWU Spain Program, students take courses offered in Spanish through Barcelona International College (BIC) while taking IWU nursing courses and participating in clinical observation experiences.
  • Campus classes in Spanish
  • Spanish/nursing internships in the USA or in Mexico
  • Direct patient care experiences with Spanish-speaking health care professionals and patients in hospitals, clinics, or home care agencies


Public Health Minor

Public Health at IWU is a uniquely attractive program; our interdisciplinary approach involves courses in health, chemistry, psychology, sociology, environmental studies, and political science. Students get the opportunity to work directly with faculty, who are themselves field clinicians, public policy makers and agents of change.

The Public Health Minor consists of a minimum of six course units, including:

  • Required courses
  • HLTH 101 Introduction to Public Health (LSI, U)
  • HLTH 200 Epidemiology
  • HLTH 280 Perspectives in Global Health (G)

Choose three courses from at least two of the categories listed below:

  • Population Health and Disease
  • ENST 242 Toxic Threats to Reproduction & Child Development (LSI)
  • HLTH/PSYC 204 Health Psychology
  • HLTH 310 Special Topics*
  • HLTH 350 Drug Abuse (AV)
  • HLTH 351 Abuse in America (AV)
  • PSYC 353 Mental Health and Aging
  • SOC 270/370 Special Topics* 
  • SOC 305 Medical Sociology (IT)
  • Public Health Environmental Issues
  • CHEM/ENST 234 Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology (PSL)
  • ENST 200 Intro to Geographic Information Systems (FR)
  • ENST 231 Environmental Science in Action (LSL)
  • ENST/PSYC 355 Psychology and the Environment
  • ENST/SOC 367 Environmental Sociology
  • Public Health Engagement and Policy Informed Action
  • HLTH 310 Special Topics*
  • HLTH/PSCI 340 Program Planning and Evaluation (W)
  • PHIL 225 Medical Ethics (AV)
  • PSCI 201 Law and Politics in States and Communities
  • PSCI 281 American Social Policy (AV, U)
  • PSCI 282 American Health Policy
  • PSCI/SOC 398 Grant Writing (W)
  • SOC 201 Social Problems (AV)
  • SOC 340 Social Movements and Politics in the US (CHC, U)
  • SOC 362 Social Welfare and Human Services
  • Measurement and Evaluation
  • PSYC 227 Statistics or ECON 227 Statistics for Business and Economics
  • PSYC 300 Research Methods or SOC 225 Methods of Social Research

Stephanie Moore - Recruitment Coordinator, Professional Laboratory Associate: Clinical Expert

Department - School Of Nursing