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Transfer Requirements

Transfer students must meet the criteria for transferring into Illinois Wesleyan University, which is described in the introduction of the University catalog.  A regular IWU application, which is accessed on the link at the bottom of the page, must be completed and submitted to the Admission Office with high school and college transcripts, standardized test scores and the downloaded  recommendation form.  Students may apply to enter in the Spring  (second semester) of the first year, or the Fall (first semester) of the sophomore year.  Students may apply throughout the year, with an August 1st deadline for the following fall entry.  Applications are reviewed throughout the Spring, and through the summer, and candidates are accepted as space is available. There are no "early action" decisions made for transfer applicants.  Students who have completed a Bachelor's degree in another discipline will also enter in the fall of the sophomore year. 

The Nursing sequence begins in  fall of the sophomore year with coursework and clinical rotations.  Because of this, transfer students are not able to complete the program in less than three full academic years (6 semesters).  Some semesters can be completed as a part-time student, depending on how many required General education/elective courses are accepted for transfer.  Equivalent science and foundation courses (listed below) must be completed prior to entry into the first semester of the sophomore year, unless the Director of the School of Nursing has given consent otherwise. Online coursework may not be applied toward fulfillment of science lab requirements.  Students may submit an application while courses are in progress, and/or if courses will be taken during the summer to complete requirements.  Students may be accepted "conditionally", providing coursework is satisfactorily completed prior to entering in the Fall. Strongest consideration will be given to students who have accumulated a GPA of 3.0 or greater in courses that will directly transfer to IWU.  The School of Nursing, Department of Biology and Associate Dean of Curriculum determine which courses will meet IWU requirements for transfer.

Courses taken at IWU which are required for progression to sophomore year:

  • BIO 107 & 108:  Human Biology 107 and 108 (including labs)=two semesters of Human Anatomy and Physiology with lab.
  • BIO 114:  The Microbial World (including lab)=Microbiology with a lab
  • CHEM 110:  Basic Chemistry (including lab)
  • PSY 253:  Lifespan Developmental Psychology (General Psychology will not meet this req)
  • HLTH 230:  Human Nutrition
  • GW 100:  Gateway Colloquium* (required IWU freshman writing course)

*Credit will be granted for Gateway only if a transfer student has successfully completed the first-year writing requirements at the university or college from which s/he is transferring, or has completed two English composition courses.

Transfer courses necessary to begin the nursing sequence have been approved from 3 colleges.  An automatic transfer of courses, including General Education Category, will be performed by the Registrar's office for these courses for the academic year in progress.  This list provided is  for schools in the area; IWU will accept courses from other universities. Course credits with grades below a "C" will not transfer to Illinois Wesleyan University.

The approved transfer courses are listed below, followed by the General Education Category: 

Heartland Community College:

  • Bio 181: Anatomy and Physiology I with lab (4)   LSL
  • Bio 182: Anatomy and Physiology II with lab (4)   LSL
  • Bio 191: Introduction to Microbiology  with lab (4)   None
  • Chem 120: Fundamentals of Chemistry  with lab (4)   PSL
  • Health 120: Nutrition (3)   LSI
  • Health 125: Nutrition for Healthcare Majors (3)   LSI
  • Psy 209: Human Growth and Development   LSI

Illinois Central College:

  • Bio 205: Principles of Human Anatomy and Physiology I  with lab (4)   LSL
  • Bio 206: Principles of Human Anatomy and Physiology II  with lab (4)   LSL
  • Bio 210: Microbiology  with lab (4)   None
  • Chem 115: Foundation of Chemistry  with lab (4)   PSL
  • FCS 120: Principles of Nutrition (3)   LSI
  • Psy 202 and 220: Child and Adolescent Development (3) and Adulthood and Aging (3)   LSI

Illinois State University:

  • Bio 181: Human Physiology and Anatomy I  with lab (4)   LSL
  • Bio 182/3: Human Physiology and Anatomy II (3)  with lab  (1)   LSL
  • Bio 260: Microbiology and Society  with lab (4)   None
  • Chem 110/12: Fundamentals of Chemistry (4)  with lab (1)   PSL
  • FCS 102: Nutrition in the Lifespan (3)   LSI
  • Psy 213: Lifespan Development (3)   LSI

All students interested in transferring should read the above, then contact, and if possible meet, with the Recruitment Coordinator, Stephanie Moore, MSN, RN, NE-BEC,,  to discuss available options prior to applying, plus to schedule a campus visit.  If a campus visit is scheduled, copies of current course syllabi and course descriptions are very helpful to bring along when reviewing courses, plus unofficial college transcripts.  A meeting with an Admission Office counselor is also advised at the same time.  Completed applications for entry in Fall will be reviewed throughout the spring, and into the summer as space is known.  The deadline for Transfer applications is August 1st.  Admission to the School of Nursing is highly competitive and is dependent upon space available for students to transfer into the program as well as a thorough review by the Admission Committee.

Additional information for transfer applicants is available at, including how to apply for financial aid and submit an on-line application for admission free of charge.  Many sources of financial assistance are available for students demonstrating a financial need.

Stephanie Moore - Recruitment Coordinator, Professional Laboratory Associate: Clinical Expert

Department - School Of Nursing