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A Solid Foundation

Political science is the study of political systems and the ways they affect our lives. Many of our most important local and national leaders have studied political science and use their knowledge to craft policies and laws, analyze international events, and advocate on behalf of their communities and the world. 

At Illinois Wesleyan University, we engage political science students in critical thinking about governments, civic processes, and political behavior here and around the globe. We prepare our students to excel, whether they are interested in law school, graduate school, the private sector, or a future in public or nonprofit service. 

The Political Science Pathway

The IWU Political Science Pathway offers students meaningful opportunities throughout their college career to engage with faculty, community leaders, and ideas that will develop their critical thinking skills and prepare them for a variety of careers after graduation. 

First-year students at IWU begin their journey by selecting a Gateway class: a seminar that is organized around a high-interest topic and focused on developing students' college-level writing skills. Students further develop their writing and analytical skills in the Democracy Seminar and Research Methods classes, and connect with the community through access to guest speakers and internships. As seniors, political science students enroll in Senior Seminar, where they complete an original research project that allows them to dig deeper into issues they are passionate about. 


The Political Science Pathway Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Summer 3 Year 4
Fall Semester   
  • May test prep
  • June GRE, LSAT
  • Summer internship
  • Prepare for Res Publica, the IWU Political Science department's journal of original undergraduate research
  • Senior Seminar (PSCI 415)
  • Graduate school applications
  • Third resume
Spring Semester
  • First resume
  • Enroll in Handshake, the IWU Hart Career Center's career services system and database
  • Sophomore Tea 
  • Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Society eligibility 


Political Science at IWU



Opportunities to Explore
Student Organizations
Student Organizations
Groups such as Amnesty International, College Democrats, College Republicans, Midwest Model United Nations, Pi Sigma Alpha, and Student Senate are all great ways for Political Science majors to get involved on campus.
The internship seminar brings students and faculty together to facilitate research projects in partnerships that serve the community and enhance our quality of life.
Off-Campus Experience
Off-Campus Experience
This provides opportunities for students to explore career possibilities, learn more about their own work styles, appreciate how non-academic organizations work, develop maturity and leadership skills, and, in the case of Study Abroad, develop the skills need to live and work in a different culture and society. 
IWU's Department of Political Science and our Pi Sigma Alpha Chapter are pleased to publish Res Publica, a journal of original undergraduate research. This publication reflects our department’s increasing emphasis upon developing each student’s analytical and research skills. 
Action Research Center 
Action Research Center 
The IWU Action Research Center is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of innovative ideas that transform communities. It offers internships, provides fellowships, teaches classes, promotes community engagement and volunteerism, runs workshops, supports faculty, coordinates Alternative Fall Break, manages the relationship and strategy with the Westside of Bloomington, and conducts community based research. 
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