Pre-Law Program

The Pre-Law Program in the Political Science Department includes both curricular and co-curricular aspects.

Pre-Law Curriculum

Our law curriculum is structured to be broad and developmental. In terms of breath, the following is a list of classes which offer training in legal issues and analysis:

  • PSCI 101 American National Government
  • PSCI 201 State and Local Government
  • PSCI 270 Civil Liberties and Social Justice*
  • PSCI 244 Voting, Voice, and Virtual Freedom in the Internet Age*
  • PSCI 301 Studies in Political Culture: The American South and the Politic s of Race
  • PSCI 303 International Law and Organizations
  • PSCI 307 Constitutional Law: Judicial Review and Constitutional Interpretation*

Students who take courses from the 270/244/307 sequence receive additional developmental training in the law. These courses, marked with an asterisk (*) above, feature the case method in which students learn to use the IRAC (Issues/Rule/Application/Conclusion) briefing tool.

Pre-Law Events

Each fall, the department sponsors a pre-law talk by an alum who can speak to the practical aspects of the legal profession, including preparing for the LSAT test, the art of selecting the right law school, and the joys and challenges of a legal career.

Each spring, the department sponsors a pre-law trip to the University of Illinois Law School during one of their public law lunch lectures. We meet the Dean of Admissions (Rebecca Ray, a political science major form the class of 2001), tour the library, hear a lecture, and discuss it over lunch before heading back to Bloomington.