Ames School of Art


Our flexible 2D concentration lets you choose your individualized path toward making effective, aesthetic images. Students in 2D Art study in depth the traditional artistic tools and technical processes of painting, drawing, printmaking (including lithography, etching, color intaglio), film and digital photography, as well as less conventional 2D media projects. The historical forms of image making processes will serve as the framework for understanding contemporary images and pictorial modes of communication.

Upper-level BFA students have access to semi private studios, well-lit and well-ventilated, right in the art building. 

BFA in Two-dimensional Art

A minimum of 32 courses are required for the BFA degree with a concentration in 2D art. Eighteen courses minimum in the major:
  1. ART 111, 113, ;115, 320, 322, and 399
  2. Select eight courses from: ART 130, 135, 140 or 240, ;213, 230, 235, 302, 330, 335, 340, 381, 415, 430, 435, 440, 480, 497.
  3. Four courses outside the area of concentration. These may be courses in Graphic Design, Three-dimensional Art, Art History, or BUS 240.
  4. BFA degree candidates must present a senior exhibition or project for approval by the art faculty.

Course Descriptions