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November 13 - December 12, 2017
galleries will be closed November 21-26 for Thanksgiving Break

Merwin Gallery-

 Distant Tracings // Tracing Distance
 Claudia Esslinger with Tom Giblin

"This series of work explores concepts of connection and separation.  What role does technology play in facilitating or frustrating our connections? Formal attributes of the project amplify these concepts with layered translucent video screens that complicate our vision. In other pieces, biometric narratives are traced through pulse-activated sensors." - Claudia Esslinger


Claudia Esslinger is a visual artist working in media-based installation, video layering and projection, new media video constructs and collaborative performance. Her installations often invite interactivity, using new media software and sculptural components. Her single and multi-channel video projections include those appropriate for gallery exhibitions, film festivals or as components for music or dance performances. A common thematic thread through her projects is a poetic exploration of inequities and inconsistencies in both the human and natural worlds. By juxtaposing challenging and ironic elements within provocative aesthetic forms, she opens her work to a wide range of interpretation.

Claudia Esslinger. "Reveal" from the series States of Being

Esslinger's work often includes visceral props that embrace a performer or receive moving projections. From rawhide and pig intestine to rust covered divining rods, from the pulsing of mechanical bellows to a notched stick measuring drops of water, her explorations are meant to elicit visceral experiences. Natural surfaces are often bracketed by clean industrial or technical elements, such as stainless-steel mesh or high-definition displays. Viewers are invited to immerse themselves, often affecting changes in various components through physical manipulations.

 The projections of single-channel digital films are formatted to function as gallery installations or as film festival “shorts”. Multi-channel works and video loops are more suited to gallery exhibition with multiple displays or projections, although single-channel versions of these are sometimes appropriate and available. Collaboration with composers, writers, scientists, performers, and dancers have enhanced Esslinger's semi-narrative, semi-abstract video projects. Collaborations also have led to live control of video (using interactive software) or to screenings during live performances. These presentations have taken place internationally including in Seoul and Berlin.
 Esslinger has been the recipient of seven Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Awards and a New Forms Regional Grant (NEA). Artist’s residencies include the Omora Ethnobotanical Preserve near Cape Horn (2009), Headlands Center for the Arts in Sausalito, California (2007), Singing Pictures workshop in Seoul, South Korea (2000) and the Grafikwerkstaadt in Dresden, Germany (1999).


 Public reception Monday, November 13th   

 11:30AM  public gallery walk with Claudia Esslinger
Please join us for light refreshments and a conversation with the artist

 Wakeley Gallery –

  Andrea Moreau: Drawing out a Narrative

Andrea Moreau lives and maintains her studio in Beacon, New York. She received her BFA from the University of Illinois in 1997 and her MFA in painting and drawing from Ohio State University.  Andrea was a 2014 NYFA Fellow in Drawing/Printmaking/Book Arts and completed a residency in 2006 at the Vermont Studio Center. Her work has been included in Pierogi Gallery Flat Files, Drawing Center Slide Registry, and the White Columns Artists Registry. Andrea is widely exhibited both nationally and internationally.


Andrea Moreau, 2012. France (Four Dancers)  Mixed media on paper 30" x 22" 


"My drawings function as personal interpretations of political or commercial propaganda. I begin with imagery found on postage stamps or printed advertisements and, using the visual logic and graphic language of the image, I attempt to tease out a larger framework from which to consider it. Finished pieces often incorporate printed matter and cultural detritus, which gives them an immediate and tactile connection to the world of objects.

  I am particularly interested in the postage stamp as a geographical artifact, and through my drawing process I attempt to learn something about a place by studying its official imagery and then creating a world beyond the borders of its fragmentary scenes. The finished drawings and paintings are a record of this study; they are a dialogue between the printed and the drawn, the official and the personal, the real and the imaginary.  They are a metaphor for the way in which we conjure the places we hear about on the news and read about in books, using the tiniest pieces of information to construct a reality that most likely bears little resemblance to any actual place." 






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Claudia Esslinger with Tom Gibbons: November 2017



Helen Tegler and Aaron Wolf-Boze: March 2018




Claire Hedden: January 2018


Women's Rights Are Human Rights: International Posters on Gender-based Inequality, Violence and Discrimination”  
-Organized and curated by Professor Elizabeth Resnick and Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston 
below image by artist Taproot Dentsu :  January 2018

Andrea Moreau: Drawing Out a Narrative: November 2017



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The Merwin and Wakeley Galleries provide exhibition schedules that support our curriculum, the University community and the general public. These exhibitions mostly consist of contemporary artworks in all media. Each exhibition is meant to suggest the variety of visual approaches one may choose to present an idea. Student exhibitions include the Annual Juried School of Art Student Exhibition, the B.F.A. Candidate Exhibition and the B.F.A. and B.A. Degree Exhibition.