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Bachelor of Fine Arts

Candidates for the professional BFA degree choose between three flexible and broad-based concentrations, inviting students to carve out their individual career paths at Illinois Wesleyan.


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Two-dimensional Art  explores the visual and conceptual problems of the picture plane. Students in 2D Art study in depth the traditional artistic tools and technical processes of painting, drawing, lithography, etching, color intaglio, film or digital photography, as well as less conventional aesthetic media projects such as book making. Courses focus on problem solving skills in visual expression relevant for our contemporary culture.

Three-dimensional Art  investigates the challenges of working spatially using varied media to produce thought-provoking artistic objects and assemblages, site-specific work and installations. Students in 3D Art study and create sculptural artifacts with attention to the expressiveness of spatial context, depth, texture, mass, and volume. Courses focus on the tools and methods of fused, cast, and flameworked glass, wheel-thrown and hand-built ceramics, and the dynamics of mixed media sculpture.

Graphic Design  provides a broad understanding of visual communication theory and practice. Through the development of conceptual, aesthetic, and technical skills, students will create visual messages across a variety of media. Courses utilize design methodology, design principles, gestalt principles, color theory, typography, imagery, and manual and digital techniques.


Julie Johnson - Director of the Ames School of Art and Design

Department - School Of Art