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The human brain has been called the most complex living structure in the known universe. If you're inspired to try to decipher the brain's command of all the functions that make us human, consider neuroscience.

The study of neuroscience is excellent preparation for students interested in careers in medicine, pharmacology, physical or occupational therapy, nursing, research, or medical engineering or technology.

At Illinois Wesleyan, neuroscience students don't just participate in lab classes – they have opportunities to do hands-on research with dedicated faculty. As undergraduates, our students' research is published and presented at national and international conferences in the field of neuroscience.

From day one on campus, student involvement in individual projects is central to the character of our program.
Pre-Health Advising
Pre-Health Advising
To better help our students interested in pursuing professional programs - medicine, dentistry, physician assistant, occupational/physical therapy and more - we have a dedicated pre-health advisor who can offer guidance and resources so students can learn about a range of career paths and are knowledgeable about creating a competitive application.
Off-Campus Opportunities
Off-Campus Opportunities
Students have the opportunity to present their research at Society for Neuroscience conferences and participate in other off-campus research opportunities.


A Day in the Life: Alex Palacios '20:


Opportunities to Explore

We offer two concentrations within the major, depending on your interests:


▷ cellular/molecular – supporting future interests such as medicine, biomedical engineering, and graduate studies.

▷ behavioral – preparing students for graduate studies toward careers such as medicine, physical therapy and occupational therapy.


Our interdisciplinary approach includes classes within the departments of biology, psychology and chemistry, where students benefit from different perspectives.

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