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Image of Abigail Kerr
Abigail Kerr

Associate Professor of Psychology

(Behavioral Neuroscience & Learning and Memory)

Behavioral and neuroanatomical effects of experience following exercise and/or nervous system damage; the role of vascular plasticity (angiogenesis and vascular remodeling) in behavioral outcome following aerobic exercise and ischemic stroke

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Image of Tyler Schwend
Tyler Schwend

Assistant Professor of Biology

(Molecular regulation of corneal nerves during eye development)

Animal physiology, biology & ethics

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Image of Brad Sheese
Brad Sheese

Professor of Computer Science

(Behavioral development)

Teratogenic Influences on Development

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Image of Jason Themanson
Jason Themanson

Professor of Psychology


Self-regulation and action monitoring; neural activity during social interactions; situational and dispositional influences on patterns of neural activation during social and cognitive task engagement

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Image of Brian Walter
Brian Walter

Associate Professor of Biology

(Cell and developmental biology)

Evolution of developmental mechanisms; cellular and molecular aspects of craniofacial development in fishes.

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Image of Joe Williams
Joe Williams

Associate Professor of Psychology


Relationship between hippocampal/frontal EEG and memory; effects of alcohol on learning and memory

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