Data Analytics Certificate

Data Analytics refers to knowledge and skills associated with exploring, analyzing, and visualizing data to aid decision-making.


Core Topics

The core topics addressed by the certificate are:

  • algorithmic / computational thinking
  • communication (written and verbal)
  • data curation / management
  • ethics (privacy, informed consent, data security)
  • statistics / statistical inference
  • visualization


Key Skills

Specific skills developed through this certificate include:

  • data preparation skills using coding, including data cleaning, organization, and transformation
  • statistical analysis including descriptive statistics, exploratory analyses, inferential statistics, and modeling up through simple linear regression
  • data aggregation techniques including contingency tables (cross-tabs) and pivot tables
  • analysis and visualization for data-informed decision making
  • use of ‘business intelligence’ software (e.g. Tableau)
  • use of databases for retrieving data (database queries)


Data Analytics Certificate Sequence 

A minimum of three courses to include:

  • CS 125 / DS 125 - Introduction to Computer and Data Sciences
  • One of the following statistics courses:

    • BIOL 209: Biostatistics and Experimental Design
    • ECON 227: Statistics for Business and Economics
    • MATH 141: Math Modeling, Statistics (Math majors may replace MATH 141 with MATH 325: Mathematical Statistics)
    • PSYC 227: Statistics
  • DS 225 - Data Analytics with Visualization


Course Substitutions

The following approved substitutions may count toward the certificate if any of the courses are counted toward a student’s major or minor:

  • CS 314: Database Systems
  • DS 377: Applied Data Analysis
  • ECON 328: Applied Econometrics
  • ECON 338: Time Series Analysis
  • MATH 215: Linear Algebra
  • MATH 403: Computational Data Analysis
  • MATH 407: Numerical Analysis
  • MATH 451: Wavelet Analysis