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Global Story Time
Amy Sanchez '17, elementary education major, reads to children as part of Global Story Time at the Bloomington Public Library. “It’s important to expand my horizons so I can take that into my classroom and teach my students to be more inclusive about different cultures,” she said.

Navigating your teaching journey through the guideposts of reflection, resourcefulness and responsiveness.

These are the qualities cultivated through the Educational Studies Department at Illinois Wesleyan University. Why do these qualities matter? Because together, they create teachers who are committed to social justice in their classrooms and schools so that the democratic ideals of equity and opportunity are realized for all students.

We strive to prepare teachers who understand, appreciate, and are responsive to students from diverse backgrounds, and who have the knowledge, skills and dispositions to foster learning among all children regardless of culture, race, ethnicity, language, class, gender and/or ability. 

What will you do when you become a member of the Educational Studies Department?

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