Initial Endorsement

An endorsement is a teaching field indicated on a Professional Educator License (PEL). The initial endorsement will be the major field of study in which one completes an approved program. The initial PEL serves as a foundation to which any teaching endorsement can be added. 

Subsequent Endorsements

Subsequent content area endorsements can be added at any grade level even if the underlying teaching endorsement on the PEL is a different grade range.

In general, subsequent endorsements require:

  • 18 hours of 100 level coursework from a regionally accredited college or university. *Some content area endorsements require specific coursework defined by ISBE.
  • A passing score on the appropriate content test.
  • Grade of C- or higher in endorsement coursework.

ISBE Available Subsequent Endorsements

The IWU Assistant Director of Teacher Licensure can add subsequent endorsements to the initial PEL at the time of graduation, or after graduation when requested.

Commonly Held Endorsements

Physical Education Endorsement and/or Minor (K-12)

Reading Teacher Endorsement (PK-12)

Middle Grade Endorsement (5-8)

Transitional Bilingual Educator Endorsement (PK-12)

Additional Endorsement information

How to Add Endorsements 

See ISBE for most up-to-date information about Endorsements.