Middle Grade Endorsement

Middle Grade (5-8) Endorsements: IWU offers coursework that leads to Middle Grade endorsements in Language Arts, Social Science, General Science, and Mathematics. Middle Grade endorsements allow one to teach in a specfic content area in grades 5 through 8 or in grades 5 and 6 in a Self Contained General Education class (6 hours in each content area to be taught). Middle Grade endorsements require a content specific methods course within the 18-hour coursework requirement (some coursework at the upper level is strongly suggested) and passage of the appropriate content test. At IWU the classes that meet the Middle Grade methods requirement are as follows:

Language Arts 16 hours of language arts coursework: English, journalism, reading and/or speech + 2 hour LA methods course EDUC 360 is acceptable. Middle Grade Language Arts
Social Science  16 hours of social science coursework: economics, geography, history, political science, psychology, sociology and/or anthropology + 2 hour SS methods course EDUC 361 is acceptable. Middle Grade Social Science 
General Science

16 hours of science coursework: biology, ecology/environmental science, chemistry, physics and/or earth-space science + 2 hour science methods course EDUC 363 is acceptable.

Middle Grade Science

16 hours of math coursework: algebra, geometry, probability, and/or statistics are recommended + 2 hour math methods course EDUC 362.  (MATH 105 does not count towards MG math endorsement).

Middle Grade Math

*See ISBE list of coursework that is acceptable for all endorsement areas

It is strongly recommended that those seeking a Middle Grade endorsement also take: EDUC 370: Special Topics: The Middle School.