Middle Grade Endorsement

Middle Grade (5-8) Endorsements: IWU offers coursework that leads to Middle Grade (5-8) endorsements in Language Arts, General Science, Mathematics, and Social Science. Middle Grade endorsements require a content specific methods course within the 18-hour coursework requirement and passage of the appropriate content test. At IWU the classes that meet the Middle Grade methods requirement are as follows:

Language Arts 16 hours language arts + EDUC 360 (LA methods) Middle Grade Language Arts
Social Science  16 hours social science + EDUC 361 (SS methods) Middle Grade Social Science 
Mathematics 16 hours mathematics + EDUC 362 (Math methods) Middle Grade Math
General Science 16 hours science + EDUC 363 (Science methods)  Middle Grade Science
It is strongly recommended that those seeking a Middle Grade endorsement also take: EDUC 370: Special Topics: The Middle School.