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Reading Endorsement

Reading Teacher Endorsement (PK-12)

A reading teacher is one whose assignment involves teaching reading to students.  The subsequent endorsement is added to your initial endorsement if you earn a grade of C- or higher in all required coursework and pass the ILTS content test.

ISBE Required Distribution Educational Studies Course(s) Semester Hours

Foundations of Reading


Content Area Reading

EDUC 320


Assessment and diagnosis of reading problems


REA 322


Developmental and remedial reading instruction support, materials & resources REA 323 4

Literature appropriate to students

across all grade ranges

REA 272 4
Practicum field hours infused in coursework  


Here's what students had to say about the reading teacher endorsement...

"I originally took the reading endorsement because I wanted to take any endorsement opportunities that I could to make myself more marketable on the job search; however, I became interested in the different programs and strategies for teaching reading skills. The reading internship classes have also helped me to think more critically about children's literature, and ways to incorporate social justice topics though literature. The reading internship has also rekindled my love for reading!"


"I did not originally plan to get a reading endorsement. After taking the coursework, though, I can confidently say that I will be a better teacher because of it. Every student needs to learn how to read, and the reading endorsement classes have prepared me to reach every student - of every need and ability - and to provide quality reading instruction. I think some of the best teaching techniques I have learned came from my reading classes. I could not be happier with my decision to pursue the reading endorsement, and I know my students will benefit from it in the long run." 


"The reading endorsement coursework has not only made me more knowledgeable in teaching reading in a small group setting, but I have also learned numerous strategies, interventions, and skills that I will definitely be able to apply in my classroom. Reading is such a big part of the classroom, and there is no doubt in my mind that the content I have learned in the reading endorsement coursework will carry throughout my teaching career. I believe that receiving your reading endorsement at Illinois Wesleyan University will allow you to provide individualized instruction to all learners in your classroom in an individual, small group, or large group setting." 


"I originally took the reading teacher endorsement coursework because I thought it would set me apart from other applicants. However, I now see that my reading endorsement coursework has provided me with skills that I can apply in my future classroom, if I decide not to become a Reading Specialist. You can never have too much education!"


"I decided to work towards my reading endorsement to become better prepared to teach struggling students in the general education classroom. This program completely redefined how I think about literacy and gave me the practical tools needed to provide interventions for struggling students. I am more knowledgeable about parts of reading that I honestly never would have even considered before this program. I don't think I would have been adequately prepared to teach reading in the classroom without this program. It is extra time and effort, but you will without a doubt be a better teacher because of it."