The Department of Hispanic Studies strives to develop effective communication, critical thinking, imaginative inquiry, and community engagement in student’s preparation for life in a global society. The department is committed to delivering high-quality courses in a wide breadth of areas and seeks to expose students to the language and cultures of Spain and the Americas with classes at all levels conducted in Spanish.

Explore a course Spn 230 "Medical Spanish and Cultural Competency of Health Care"

 To prepare for life in a global society, faculty encourage students to engage in cultural and social activities in communities beyond our campus, and serve as strong role models by continually expanding their own instruction, research, and scholarship.

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Spring 2018 courses 

230 Medical Spanish; Carolyn Nadeau M F 11-12:15

250 Business Spanish; Carolyn Nadeau M W 2-3:15

302 Advanced Conversation; Angela Bailey M W F 1-1:50

303 Adv. Grammar and Composition; Cesar Valverde T R 9:25-10:40 (W)

308 Introduction to Literature; Carolyn Nadeau M W 8-9:15 (G, LIT)

316 Latin Am. Culture; Cesar Valverde T R 1:10-2:25 (CHC)

320 Studies in Cultural History; Carmela Ferradans M W F 10-10:50  (CHC)

418 Modern Spanish Literature; Carmela Ferradans M W 2-3:15 (LIT)