Major-to-Career Connector

Have you ever wondered what your college major should be for a Language career? 

IWU has compiled over 10,000 of our alumni's career biographies and paired them with their major (or majors) at Illinois Wesleyan. You may be interested to see that Illinois Wesleyan alumni work in virtually any career field you can imagine, and that a college major doesn't always coincide with a specific career. Have fun exploring your many options at Illinois Wesleyan!  Click here to begin your search.

Language Careers

Teach languages in the US or abroad
Intelligence Analyst
Design language programs
Country Risk Analyst
Lead groups of students on excursions abroad
Intelligence Agent
Run study abroad programs on-site
Security Researcher
Assess cross-cultural learning
Foreign Service Officer or Diplomat         
Conduct empirical research in Spanish
Join the military as a linguist