Student Learning Goals for Hispanic Studies majors & minors :

  1. Communication: Students will demonstrate an advanced level of communication in Spanish speaking, reading, listening and writing. They will be able to communicate effectively in both speech and writing; develop and express an extended argument using linguistic data, historical or literary text analysis.

  2. Cultural Understanding: Students will gain an understanding of the variety and complexity of Hispanic cultures around the globe. In addition to learning about Hispanic culture in the classroom, majors are required to spend at least one semester abroad in a Spanish-speaking country. 

  3. Critical Thinking: Students will read and interpret Spanish texts, examine cultural interactions, and learn to make evaluative judgments. Students will learn to synthesize arguments and articulate their opinions in Spanish both in speaking and writing. Students will learn to think analytically about the underlying grammatical Spanish system; distinguish and appreciate different literary styles, and make connections between literature and culture.


Major Minor Requirements (pdf)

I. Major Sequence in Hispanic Studies:

A minimum of 10 courses beyond the basic sequence including:

  1. Spanish 280 or 307 - Reading and Writing Culture
  2. Spanish 303 - Advanced Grammar and Composition
  3. Spanish 308 - Introduction to Literature
  4. Spanish 314 and 316 - Iberian Culture and Civilization and Latin American Culture and Civilization
  5. Two courses at 400-level (one must be a literature course), cannot be fulfilled with Spn 499
  6. A minimum of one semester abroad in a program chosen in consultation with the director of International Office and approved by the student's advisor and the Chair of the Department of Hispanic Studies.
  7. Three electives beyond the basic sequence

II. Minor Sequence in Hispanic Studies:

Six Hispanic Studies courses beyond the basic sequence including:

Traditional minor

  1. Spanish 280 or 307
  2. Spanish 303
  3. Spanish 308
  4. One cultural history course from: 314, 316 or 320
  5. Two electives

minor for Nursing Majors

  1. Spanish 280 or 307
  2. Spanish 303
  3. Spanish 308
  4. Spanish 230: Medical Spanish and Cultural
    Competency of Health Care (U)
  5. Two electives  

minor for Business Majors

  1. Spanish 280 or 307
  2. Spanish 303
  3. Spanish 308
  4. Spanish 250: Business Spanish in its Cultural Context
    or OCSp 250: Business Spanish
  5. Spn 340, OCSp 322: Management
    and Ethics in a Cross-Cultural Environment, or another elective
  6. Spanish 340, 397 or another elective

All Hispanic Studies minors are strongly encouraged to enroll in the IWU Spain Program in Spring of their Sophomore year.


III. Teacher Licensure in Spanish