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Sigma Delta Pi - Upsilon Rho


 Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society, honors those who demonstrate a love of Hispanic studies and outstanding academic achievement in that field. Upsilon Rho was established at Illinois Wesleyan University in 2000. We were a 2012 chapter grant winner to host a workshop for teachers of Latino high-school students and a 2010 recipient of the Premio Frida Kahlo for its outstanding website. 


sdp initiation nov2022

Sigma Delta Pi chapter Upsilon Rho, initiation November 2022
Students initiated this year:

Shea Atkins ‘23; Abby Barattia ‘24; Bryson Connor ‘24 ; Peyton Kumpula ‘24; Emma Sempsrott ‘24; Emma Stroh ‘23

November 2021 initiation
Sigma Delta Pi, chapter Upsilon Rho, initiation November 2021. New members from left to right: Avalon Bruno, Steven Lee, Catherine Droesch, Audrey Armstrong, Colleen Palczynski, and Honorary Member professor Cristina Almeida. 

SDP initiation 2020

Sigma Delta Pi, chapter Upsilon Rho, online initiation November 2020. New members: Kaylee Bowers '22, Brianna Fogo '21, Amanda Smith '22, Eryka Turner-Figueroa '22

SDP Initiation 2019

Sigma Delta Pi new members 2019: Samantha Berghoff '20, Jaeden Danko '21, Sabrina Fague '23; Megan Frederick '21, Hannah Foley '21, Amy Gourley '21, Toni Tortorella '21, Julianne Yoo '21

Sigma Delta Pi new members 2018: Monica Muoz '19 (President), Samantha Bidlack '19 (Vice-President); Nicole De Matteo '19; Brandon Chopp '19; Kaitlyn O'Brien '19 (Secretary); Teagan Potter '19 (PR);  Vi Kakares '21


Congratulations Meaghan Mormann ('16) - SDP "Best Practices" paper accepted to be presented at the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese conference, Summer 2016


Carmela Ferradáns - Director of International & Global Studies, Professor of Hispanic Studies World Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Department - World Languages, Literatures And Cultures