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AP and Placement Exam Information

IWU requires the following semesters of second language for graduation

B.A. and B.S. –  third semester (Span 201 - intermediate) proficiency                
B.M.E. – no language proficiency
B.F.A. –  second semester (Span 102 - novice) proficiency                        
B.S.N. – no language proficiency
B.M. –  second semester (Span 102 - novice) proficiency


Recognition of proficiency does NOT equate to receiving course unit credit.  IWU does not grant course unit or degree credit as a result of placement exams. However, since the General Education requirement in this area is a proficiency requirement rather than a course unit requirement, the second language requirement alone can be satisfied in this way.


A score of 4 or 5 on the respective AP language test (NOT English) means that the student has met the Second Language General Education requirement AND that one course unit of credit will be granted.

General placement guidelines for students with AP scores:

  • AP score of - start in Spanish 303 (requirement for the major and minor). If 303 is closed/conflicts with scheduling, set up an appointment with the Department Chair to discuss alternatives.
  • AP score of 4 - start in Spanish 203 (elective for the major and minor)
  • AP score of 3 - start in Spanish 201


If a student does not place into a language via an AP test, a placement test needs to be taken at IWU. Results from language placement exams serve to recognize language ability, to allow students to enroll in an appropriate course, or fulfill general education credit in Second Language (LA).  Students MAY NOT take a placement test in a language once they have begun to study the language at the university level, including transfer credit or study abroad.

Placement tests may be taken only ONCE in a particular language. However, students may test in more than one language. Spanish placement tests are given in an on-line format during New Student Orientation before registration occurs. If you didn't/don't have the opportunity to take the exam during your New Student Orientation in August, check with the Director of Academic Advising at



Students need the approval of the Department Chair if they wish to enroll in a course at a level other than which they were placed.


Fall semester- Span 102 (Beginning Spanish), 201 (Intermediate Spanish), 203 (Conversation and Composition), 230 (Medical Spanish), 303 (Advanced Grammar and Composition), 307 (Reading and Writing Culture)

Spring semester - Span 101, 201, 240 (Spanish for Social Justice) or 250 (Business Spanish) alternating semesters, 303 (Advanced Grammar and Communication), 308 (Introduction to Literature) 

Jessie Dixon - Chair of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures and Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies

Department - World Languages, Literatures And Cultures