Sociology examines human behavior in different social and cultural contexts.

Do your career goals include an understanding of group processes, social trends and cultural diversity here and abroad?  Then you need to study sociology!

Students attracted to sociology share concerns about social justice, yet they need skills necessary to critically analyze social problems and contribute to sustainable projects and diverse communities. Sociology gives them those skills.

A sociology major combines research skills, critical thinking, and effective communication useful to many graduate programs and a number of different career paths.

Internships, an important part of the sociology program, enable our students to find placements in many government, business, and human service organizations. Through an internship, majors receive practical work experience and insight leading to numerous career choices, while earning college credit.

Sociology Mission

Sociology Student Learning Goals

Sociology students will develop the following concepts and competencies*:

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*These were adopted based on the following article: Susan Ferguson.  2016. “The Center Does Hold: The Sociological Literacy Framework.” Teaching Sociology 44(3):  163-176.