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Image of Teodora Amoloza
Teodora Amoloza

Professor of Sociology

(Research areas: statistics; Asian studies; gender and globalization; hidden communities )

Contact: (309)

Image of Meghan Burke
Meghan Burke

Professor of Sociology (on leave 2021–2022)

( Research areas: theory; race; intersectionality; community and urban sociology; qualitative methods; senior research seminar)

Contact: (309) 556-n/

Image of Julia Cheng
Julia Cheng

Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology

(Research areas: financial sociology; organization and management theory; media analytics; methodology; social theory)

Contact: (309)

Image of Todd Fuist
Todd Fuist

Associate Professor of Sociology / Chair of Sociology & Anthropology

(Research areas: criminology, social movements, youth subcultures, media, religion, theory )


Image of Courtney Irby
Courtney Irby

Assistant Professor of Sociology

(Research areas: gender, family, sexualities, religion, life course, research methods )



Emeritus Professors


In Loving Memory of Dr. Paul Miller, retired sociology professor and treasured member of the Illinois Wesleyan Community.

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