Major & Minor Requirements

Major Sequence

A minimum of ten courses in sociology to include:

  1. SOC 225*, 290, 325*, and 490**; and
  2. Six additional course units, at least three at the 300 level.

Sociology majors, in consultation with their advisor, may elect to take a non-sociology course that includes the development of significant social scientific research skills (e.g., GIS, statistics in social science fields, an independent study with this work as its primary focus) in its place, to complete the advanced sociological research method requirement for the major. Consultation with and approval from the department chair is required.

*Sociology majors must earn at least a C minus (C) in SOC 225 (methods) and SOC 325 (advanced methods) to demonstrate proficiency in the skills needed to complete independent sociological research and register for SOC 490 (senior seminar).

**The prerequisite for registering for SOC 490 is earning at least a C minus (C) in both SOC 225 and SOC 325 (or its approved equivalent), as approved by the department chair. Majors must take SOC 225 prior to SOC 325, and both prior to SOC 490.

Minor Sequence

A minimum of six courses in sociology to include:

  1. SOC 225 and 290; and
  2. Four additional courses, at least two at the 300 level.