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SOC 270/370 Special Topics (U)

Spring 2024: Gender, Globalization, and Social Change (CHC, G) 

Course Description

Our Spring 2024 Special Topics class is entitled "Gender, Globalization, and Social Change."

Through interdisciplinary analysis of   gender   in a global context, this course explores the possibilities and limitations of achieving   social   change . The main focus of this course is to critically examine the history of colonization, its legacy, and its impacts on the political,   social , and economic lives of those living in the margins of a global society. The intersection of   gender   and place offers a lens for understanding global systems of power and oppression and the way citizens contest and disrupt these systems.

The class will be offered by Dr. Karolina Staros on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:35  3:50.


Courtney Irby - Associate Professor of Sociology

Department - Sociology & Anthropology