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Experiential Learning

Students have extensive research opportunities involving state-of-the-art technology. The physics curriculum at IWU is as much a hands-on, experiment-based investigation as it is a theoretical and mathematical discipline. Elective courses in optics, electronics, imaging, photonics, astrophysics, and materials physics prepare students to work in a variety of fields.

Professor Gabe Spalding and physics students in a discussion.
Narendra Jaggi and Roshan Prakash


IWU Physics News


Why Physics at IWU

Launch Your Dreams

The physics program at Illinois Wesleyan provides a highly adaptable skill set. Graduates have gone on to become scientists, applied physicists, engineers, designers/creators and entrepreneurs, as well as many other kinds of professionals, from lawyers working on intellectual property / patent law, to doctors and teachers, and much more. This program prepares you well to take on new kinds of opportunities.


Noyce Scholarship Program

Noyce Scholars 2023

Investing in IWU's STEM students as the inspiring educators of tomorrow. Learn more.


Narendra Jaggi - Professor and Chair of Physics

Department - Physics