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Students have extensive research opportunities involving state-of-the-art technology. The physics curriculum at IWU is as much a hands-on, experiment-based investigation as it is a theoretical and mathematical discipline. Elective courses in optics, electronics, imaging, photonics, astrophysics, and materials physics prepare students to work in a variety of fields.

The American Institute of Physics (AIP) lists the Illinois Wesleyan University Physics Department as a top producer of graduates with bachelor's degrees in physics. Read more


 Why Physics at IWU


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The physics program at Illinois Wesleyan provides a highly adaptable skill set. Graduates have gone on to become scientists, applied physicists, engineers, designers/creators and entrepreneurs, as well as many other kinds of professionals, from lawyers working on intellectual property / patent law, to doctors and teachers, and much more. This program prepares you well to take on new kinds of opportunities.
Paths to Engineering
Paths to Engineering
Our students praise the degree to which our extensive exploration of project opportunities informs their ability to make key connections between different areas of engineering. The foundation you will develop at Illinois Wesleyan University allows you to outperform students who directly enter traditional Engineering programs, and makes you more adaptable as you encounter new technology and emerging opportunities.
From day one on campus, student involvement in individual projects is central to the character of our program.
Society of Physics Students at IWU - Facebook Group 
Society of Physics Students at IWU - Facebook Group 
Learn about ongoing projects our students are involved in, upcoming events, and news in the physics world. 
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