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Degree Requirements

Major Sequence:
A minimum of ten courses and units including:

  1. Physics 105 and 106
  2. Physics 207, 304, and 399
  3. Two from Physics 405, 406, 407, and 408; one of these must come from Physics 405, 406
  4. Three additional courses and units in physics selected by the student with the consultation and approval of the major adviser/department chair to form a coherent program.
    The following physics courses will not count towards the major: Physics 101(General Physics I), Physics 102 (General Physics II), Physics 110 (Fundamental Astronomy), Physics 120 (Energy and Society), Physics 130 (Sound, Music,Hearing), Physics 210 (Conceptions of the Cosmos), Physics 239 (Problems of Nuclear Disarmament), and Physics 397 (Internship).
  5. Courses outside the department that physics majors are required to take: two semesters of a calculus, or analysis sequence
  6. Courses outside the department that physics majors are recommended to take: two semesters of chemistry or biology

Minor Sequence:
A minimum of five courses to include:

  1. Physics 101/105; and  Physics 102/106
  2. Physics 207 and 304
  3. One additional 300-level or 400-level course. The following are recommended:
    1. Mechanics (Physics 405) for mathematics majors
    2. Quantum Mechanics (Physics 407) for chemistry majors
    3. Electronics (Physics 305) for biology majors

Narendra Jaggi - Professor and Chair of Physics

Department - Physics