Studying history involves much more than memorizing names, dates, and places from the past.

Professor Michael Weis and Christopher Tatara '14 talk about the history department and opportunities for research and internships.

It means interpreting the significance of people and events and exploring the underlying causes that have given rise to particular outcomes and how they continue to affect us today.

Our students are urged to speak out in class, defending what they believe in but listening to opposing ideas with an open mind. We strive to challenge students and expand their horizons.

At Illinois Wesleyan, we believe history prepares you for life and can be an introduction to an unlimited number of exciting and rewarding professional careers.

Alumni Profiles: Gregory Bereiter '01

Professors in the history department are all published scholars and offer a wide variety of courses in various fields, time periods, and geographic areas. Majors graduate not only with a depth and breadth of historical knowledge but also with the critical thinking and writing skills necessary for success in many different fields of endeavor.

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