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Major & Minor Requirements

Major Sequence

A minimum of 10 course units in history to include:

  1. HIST 290: Theories, Methods, Crafting of History
  2. HIST 490: Capstone Senior Seminar in History
  3. Minimum of three (3) electives in History at the 300 level
  4. One of the 10 courses must have a primary focus on history prior to 1800
  5. No more than six courses may be focused on a single geographic region (e.g., US, Europe)
  6. A non-credit bearing ARCHES ePortfolio that will be checked each semester during advising, and will be graded in History 290 and History 490.

*Only one unit of HIST 397 (Internship in Public History) may count toward the major.

Minor Sequence

A minimum of five courses in History:

  1. HIST 290: Theories, Methods, Crafting of History
  2. Two History courses at the 300 level:
  3. Two additional History courses at the 100, 200 or 300 level*

*HIST 250, 397, and 450 may not count toward the minor.

*History minors may take HIST 490 as a sixth course in consultation with their advisor. 

April Schultz - Chair and Professor of History

Department - History