All History majors take a sophomore seminar in the theory and crafting of history (290) and a capstone seminar in historical research (490). These courses are about the tools of the trade. They emphasize researching, analyzing, and writing.

Students will build their Signature Experience by choosing courses from one or more of the Pathways, completing an e-Portfolio chronicling their journey in four advisor-led ARCHES sessions (390, .25 credit unit each session), and taking a Pathways Signature Experience Seminar (451-4) to work on a project of their own devising.

Students are free to choose any other eight courses in History to complete the major, as long as at least three of the eight are upper level courses; one covers pre-1800 history; and three are courses in each of these geographical areas: the U.S., Europe, and Asia/Latin America. For a particularly meaningful scholarly experience, History students may undertake an honors research project in any of the Pathways in close consultation with faculty members.

Your major courses will help you polish your writing and speaking skills through debates, position papers, and constant in-class discussion.

You’ll also take courses outside your major in such areas as English, foreign language, and the fine arts, benefiting from our university-wide emphasis on the liberal arts to develop the interdisciplinary tools and perspective the historian needs.