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Gregory Bereiter '01


Graduates of our history program enjoy a number of exciting careers.  See this Los Angeles Times OpEd piece on the utility of the history major for future success.

Many IWU history majors continue specialized study in prestigious graduate programs.  Lindsey Fitzharris '04, who earned her D.Phil. from Oxford in 2009, recently published an article in The Guardian entitled "A fate worse than death: displaying criminals' corpses."  She also writes a web site on her work, including the horrors of pre-anaesthetic surgery.  

Other alumni include many successful lawyers from top Chicago firms as well as several judges. Indeed, history is a perfect pre-law major.  One alumna, Kristy Hosack '11, recently wrote to Prof. Tom Lutze: "It's amazing how well my history skills track with the skills necessary for law school--critical writing/reading, analysis, outlining of huge amounts of material, etc. So thank you to you and everyone else in the department who helped me to prepare!"

Additionally, several of our history majors have become involved in political careers both in Springfield and Washington, D.C.

Still others have enjoyed exciting careers in journalism, public relations, and corporations as well as teaching in secondary education.

"Studying history offers you the critical analysis and writing skills to succeed in any career path.

As a graduate student, I constantly find myself using the techniques I developed as an IWU history major."

Michael Vasta '07 graduated from Indiana University in Classical Studies.

Aside from his degree in history and Greek and Roman Studies, Mike received honors for research, the Christopher Berkeley Award in History, and the Eckley Award.

"My years as a history major prepared me a great deal for life outside of Illinois Wesleyan.

The history courses are among the most useful courses I've taken as an undergraduate.

The writing and analytical skills from my courses have really helped me even as I continue my graduate education in economics."

Michael Trainor '07 had a double major of history and economics.

He is currently a graduate student at Illinois State University in applied economics.

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