Like the living things at its essence, the field of biology is dynamic, constantly growing, rapidly changing, and replete with new discoveries and advances.

Our majors are equipped to take part in these discoveries with a foundation in all important areas of modern biology, through the required core of courses in our curriculum.

Benefiting from our university-wide emphasis on the liberal arts, students will come to understand, and not just memorize, the core principles of science and other disciplines.

Biology students may choose to pursue one of our pre-professional programs, such as Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Forestry and Environmental ManagementPre-MedicinePre-Occupational TherapyPre-Physical Therapy or Pre-Veterinary Sciences.

Our graduates are well prepared for their futures, pursuing a variety of graduate study and exciting careers.

Short Documentary on Tardigrades by Vice

Biology Fun Fact

Guess which animal can survive the vacuum of deep space, temperatures of 300 Fahrenheit and -400 degrees, and 1,000 times more radiation than any other animal on the planet? It's the tardigrade (aka water bear). 

Associate Professor of Biology Susie Balser and student Karen Lindahl '99 discovered a new species of tardigrade (Milnesium) on the roof of a home in Bloomington, Ill.