Biology 100% acceptance for 2019 grads who applied to health science schools or programs

A Solid Foundation

Like the living things at its essence, the field of biology is dynamic, constantly growing, rapidly changing, and replete with new discoveries and advances. Providing a solid foundation in modern biology equips our majors to take part in these discoveries.

Launch your Dreams

Our alumni enjoy a variety of exciting careers, including marine biology, microbiology, molecular genetics, physiology, ecology, secondary education, and many specialties of medicine. Many of our graduates pursue graduate or health related professional school after graduation. Our students have a 75% admittance rate to medical school and dental school. The Biology faculty and the Biology Career Advisor work together to ensure that our students are competitively prepared for their professional aspirations.

100% acceptance rate
for 2019 biology grads who applied to health science schools or programs

Opportunities to Explore

IWU biology students have the opportunity to conduct research with biology faculty, pursue internships and externships for course credit, and all of our majors have the opportunity to study abroad.

Student Faculty Research

IWU biology students can explore new ideas and integrate biological knowledge while gaining experience with techniques in cutting-edge laboratory research.


Experiential learning plays a positive role in the career outcomes of our college graduates and is an important curricular option for IWU students.

Study Abroad

Biology faculty believe all students can benefit from a study abroad experience. We work with our students to carefully plan their study abroad coursework. All students-even those interested in pursuing medical/professional school can study abroad.

Student Athletes

Many of our majors are also Division III student athletes.

Pre-Health Advising

Pre-Health Advising at Illinois Wesleyan provides support for students who are considering a career in healthcare.

Biology Facebook Page

Learn the most up-to-date happenings of the IWU Biology Department on Facebook.