Italian is one of the most exciting language options for students at IWU.  From students in the Liberal Arts to the Fine Arts, majors from disciplines such as Political Science, Music, Mathematics, Art, and Business have chosen to study Italian, and many have gone on to study abroad in Italy for a semester or more.  

  • Gateway to the Traditions of Western Learning:  Our core Italian language courses give students the linguistic foundation they need to pursue their academic interests, while learning about the continuing legacy of a nation that has significantly shaped Western civilization.

  • Exploration of Famous Literary and Artistic Treasures :  Renowned authors and artists from Dante, Pirandello and Gramsci to Giotto, Michelangelo, Modigliani, and di Chirico continue to fascinate as they reflect the rich cultural history of Italy; over 60% of UNESCO's world's art treasures are found in Italy.

  • Career Possibilities:  Not only do over 7,000 American companies do business with Italy, over 1,000 American firms have offices in Italy.  Italy is a major influence in industries such as fashion, culinary arts, interior design, graphic design, machine tool manufacturing, construction machinery, electromechanical machinery, and robotics.

  • Personal Discovery:  Many students also elect to study Italian in order to reconnect with their family heritage.

Italian Logo

Lo sapevate che...?
Did you know...?

  • Italian ranks as the fifth most commonly studied second language in the United States (after Spanish, French, German, and American Sign Language).
  • Added to the IWU curriculum in 2003, Italian 101, 102, and 201 have quickly become the third most popular second language basic sequence studied on campus, after Spanish and French.
  • At IWU, Italy is the third most popular non-English speaking country for study abroad, after Spain and France.
  • In fact, over 60 IWU students have spent a semester or more studying in Italy since 2003!