Italian Studies Minor

For students entering IWU in fall 2021 and beyond, Italian  Studies  is no longer available as a minor.

Minor Sequence in Italian Studies

Five courses to include:

  1. ITAL 201 Intermediate Italian l
  2. ITAL 202 Intermediate Italian ll
  3. LC 165 Special Topics in Italian Literature in Translation
  4. LC 361 Glorious Past: Italian Civilization from the Risorgimento to the Present OR LC 365 Italian Renaissance
  5. LC 360 Italian Cinema

*Placement test results or AP credit does not exempt students from taking the required number of courses for the major/minor in Italian Studies. Students testing into the 300 level should substitute a 300-level elective for Italian 201/202. Furthermore, of the 5 required for the minor, a minimum of 3 courses must be taken in residence at IWU.