Italian Studies Faculty at IWU

Scott Sheridan (Ph.D. University of Iowa) is an Associate Professor of French and Italian who contributes courses in Italian as well as General Education courses such as his May Term travel course, Renaissance Italy
Office:  Buck Memorial Library 113.  Phone:  309/556-3238. 

Christina Isabelli (Ph.D. University of Texas) is a Professor of Hispanic Studies who is a heritage speaker of Italian.  Professor Isabelli regularly offers the intermediate course, Italian 201. 
Office:  Buck Memorial Library 14.  Phone:  309/556-3174. 
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Lisa Drew (M.A. Illinois State University) is an Adjunct Instructor in Italian. 
Office:  SFH 316.  Phone:  309/556-2127. 

All correspondence can be mailed to individual faculty members at:

Italian Studies Program
10 Buck Memorial Library
210 E. University Ave.
P.O. Box 2900
Bloomington, IL
Departmental Phone:  309/556-3044
Departmental FAX:  309/556-3284

Buck Memorial Library, home to the Italian Studies Program