Opportunities for Teaching using French

Teaching English in France!

For decades, literally dozens of IWU graduates who have majored or minored in French & Francophone Studies have participated in the French Government's "Teaching Assistant Program in France" (TAPIF) sponsored through the French Embassy and the French Ministry of Education.  The program pays students a modest monthly stipend to assist English teachers in secondary school classrooms for a period of 7 months—in locales ranging from Paris, to Provence, to Martinique!  Although competition is difficult (with less than 50% of the total number of applicants accepted), IWU applicants have a 100% acceptance rate history in this teaching program!  Applications are typically available in mid-October, with a due date some time in early January.  For more information, please visit the French Cultural Services website.


Erin Moll and Adult Students Erin Moll (first row, far right, in the red shirt) posing with
students from her English Language Workshops in Paris