Study Abroad

French & Francophone Studies majors are required to study abroad for a minimum of one semester in France or another French-speaking country.  Minors and other students in lower level French courses are encouraged to study abroad for a semester as well, or to take advantage of a summer program or one of the many three-week May Term travel courses that are regularly offered. 

IWU students have a plethora of choices for study abroad, from IWU-affiliated programs to non-affiliated programs that require a special application.  Here is a sample of the different program locales available through IWU affiliated options.

Paris, France
Nantes, France
Rennes, France
Toulouse, France
Arles, France
Brussels, Belgium
Geneva, Switzerland
Ifrane, Morocco
Tunis, Tunisia
Dakar, Senegal
Yaounde, Cameroon

Contact a member of the French & Francophone Studies faculty or the International Office Staff  at IWU to learn more.

IES Nantes 2011 IWU
French & Francophone Studies Majors during Study Abroad,
IES Nantes Spring 2011