Learning from a Qualified Faculty

From Medieval France to the Maghreb, the French and Francophone Studies faculty at Illinois Wesleyan University represent a wide range of research and teaching interests. The interdisciplinary nature of teaching at IWU allows contributions not only to courses in French language, literature, and culture at all levels of instruction, but also to the Humanities "World of Ideas" core courses, and the Western European Studies and African Studies of the International Studies program. Our faculty also participate in courses in the "Literature and Culture" rubric and Women's Studies courses, as well as annual offerings in the university first-year student writing program, the Gateway Colloquia.


  • Dr. Christopher Callahan

    Professor of French

    My research focuses on lyric poetry as a performed genre.  As it combines narratology and music, my work has extended to include narrative as well as lyrico-narrative nerse, the motet, and most recently, rhetoric and drama.  I am also an avid reader in art history, particularly Romanesque and Gothic iconography, and I have developed a web site for instruction in that field.

    Contact: (309) 556-3094callahan@iwu.edu

  • Dr. James Matthews

    Associate Professor of French & Chair of the French & Italian Department

    Qui suis-je?

    A character in one of Garry Trudeau's early Doonesbury strips smirks after having scared away a menacing defenseman by letting loose a stream of colloquial French, and says:  "Not bad for a French major from the Bronx."  In my case, change "the Bronx" to "Detroit" and,  me voilà .

    Contact: (309) 556-3571matthews@iwu.edu

  • Dr. Scott Sheridan

    Professor of French & Italian, Director of International Studies and Director of the Humanities Program

    Despite my specialization in Nineteenth-Century French cultural studies, I pride myself on being a very versatile instructor, dedicated to offering courses that cross traditional boundaries of discipline, literary genre, historical period, national identity...

    Contact: (309) 556-3238sheridan@iwu.edu

Office Coordinator

All correspondence can be mailed to individual faculty members at:

French & Francophone Studies Program
104 Buck Memorial Library
210 E. University Ave.
P.O. Box 2900
Bloomington, IL

Departmental Phone:  309/556-3044

Departmental FAX:  309/556-3284

"The French and Francophone Studies professors at Illinois Wesleyan University are professional scholars who care deeply about their students’ success. They are always charismatic in the classroom and continuously available to help their students outside the classroom. They are the perfect example of teachers who show their students that with hard work anything is possible."Messifa Ankou

- Messifa Ankou '10,
professional educator, translator, and interpreter