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In French & Francophone Studies at Illinois Wesleyan, we'll ask you:"Qu'est-ce qui t'inspire?"

How will you answer?

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Welcome to the homepage of the French & Francophone Studies Program (FFS), in the department of French and Italian at Illinois Wesleyan University. From our small class sizes to our study abroad possibilities, the French & Francophone Studies Program provides an environment where students are encouraged to grow both as individuals and as members of a rapidly expanding global community. As you browse our pages, feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions or comments concerning our courses, our programs for majoring or minoring in French & Francophone Studies, our study abroad options, or anything else. Click here to view a printable e-brochure about our program.

Departmental Phone Number: 309/556-3044
Departmental FAX Number: 309/556-3284


Upcoming and Recent Events:

Click here for information about our Les Misérables and Social JusticeSeries of Events!

Upcoming Courses:
Advanced Level

 Spring '14:

  • French 303: Introduction to Literature I: Individual and Society
  • French 316: French Civilization I: Roman Gaul to the Renaissance
  • French 406: Studies in 17th and 18th Century Literature

Fall '14:

  • French 301:  Advanced Expression I:  Oral Communication
  • French 310:   Business French

Spring '15:

  • French 304:  Introduction to Literature II:  Ideals of Love
  • French 318:  French Civilization IV: The Francophone World 
  • French 407 Studies in 19th and 20th Century Literature

Fall '15:

  • French 302 : Advanced Expression II:  The Written Medium
  • French 312: French Cinema

Student/Alumni Blogs

Considering study abroad or teaching in France? 
See the blogs below!

Click here to read Emily Steele's blog. She's one of our current FFS majors who studied abroad in Belgium in spring '13.

Click here to read Sam Welch's blog.  He's a '12 IWU alumnus who is teaching in Martinique for '13-14.

Click here to read Sam Krueger's blog. She's a '12 IWU alumna who taught in '12-13 in France, and she's currently a Peace Corps volunteer in Mozambique.