Student Honors Papers

The Student Honors Papers collection represents exemplary work in anthropology and sociology at Illinois Wesleyan University. The Ames Library is proud to archive these and other honors projects in Digital Commons @ IWU, the University's online archive of student, faculty and staff scholarship and creative activity.

An Analysis of the Effects of Prejudice and Discrimination on Members of the Negro Minority Through the Study of Richard Wright's Native Son and The Long Dream

by Marilea White

The purpose of this research paper is to study the effects of prejudice o

n the members of a minority group. More specifically the paper will include an analysis of Richard Wright's Native Son and The Long Dream, with Racial and Cultural Minorities by George Simpson and J. Milton Yinger as background material regarding

race relations.

An Analysis of the History of Indian-White Relations in the United States

by Nancy A. Breville '60

A study of religious education: its nature, its aims, its manifestations

by Barbara King

Much has been written today concerning religious and/or Christian education. Many questions have been raised as to the purpose and effectiveness of various religious education programs. This paper is concerned only with those programs which identify themselves as religious education programs. However, questions have been raised as to what approach to Christianity is being made within the framework of a said religious education program. What importance and meaning does an institution, more specifically, the organized church, give to its religious education program? The role of the religious education program is dependent primarily upon the institutional emphasis which is based on a specific theology . The more organized and hierarchical institutions seem to place a much heavier emphasis upon religious education programs while those institutions stressing fundamentalism give it a lesser importance in the total scope of the work of the institution. From this it follows that there will be considerable differences in terms of the differing emphases.

Groups Working to Releive Tension Between Minority and Dominant Groups

by Arline Cary '60

This paper will be primarily devoted to explaining the origin, functions, methods, and the accomplishments of the groups which have been most effective in bringing about changes for the betterment of minority and dominant group relations in the United States.