Major Sequence

A minimum of ten course units to include:

  1. 160, 171, 310, 330, and 380
  2. one course unit from 273, 274, or 277
  3. four additional course units, at least one at the 300 level and no more than one at the 100 level from: 175, 250, 270, 275, 288, 295, 350, 352,355, 360, 366, 370, 397, 450

Minor Sequence

A minimum of six course units to include:

  1. 160, 171, 380
  2. three additional courses in anthropology, with at least one at the  300-level

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Descriptions of new or revised courses

See the Curriculum Page for a complete list of Anthropology courses.

Anth/Enst 270/370 (AV / G) Native Americans and the Environment   (new course, offered alternate years, May Term)

Examines the values, principles and laws that Native Americans use to conceptualize, define, and organize their relationships with the natural world. Students compare these ideas with their own understanding of the environment in written and oral assignments. Students interact with Native Americans, participate in Native American ceremonies, and spend time outdoors.

Anth 270/370 (ARTS / G) Museums, Representation, and Cultural Property  (new course, offered alternate years, May Term)

Explores how museums have acquired, displayed, and interpreted cultural objects and represented cultures, peoples, and heritage, in the past and present. Topics include the artifact trade, representational and ethical issues, and effective exhibit presentation. The class meets with museum professionals, takes fieldtrips to various museums, and mounts exhibits using IWU artifacts.