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Maxwell was honored as Illinois Wesleyan's Robert M. Montgomery Outstanding Young Alumnus in 2013. Watch his talk on "Ones and Zeros: Cultural Considerations in the Era of Big Data and Analytics."

Anthropology prepares students interested in any career to achieve success in an increasingly multicultural world.

Several programs of study at Illinois Wesleyan can be enhanced by the addition of a minor or major in anthropology, including international studies, history, biology, business, religion, and any of the foreign languages.

The anthropology faculty have stayed in touch with many of the alumnae who have gone on to graduate school or to work in a range of professions.

Some of our students go on to attend graduate school in anthropology, development studies, medicine, international studies, law and other fields, while others utilize their anthropology background to launch professional careers in domestic and international trade, social and civil services, advertising, museum curating, government, contract archaeology, and education. Some students decide that volunteering for the Peace Corps is a good fit with the knowledge, skills and values they have cultivated in our program, and take advantage of the Peace Corps Prep Program offered at IWU.

Students interested in a particular career path are encouraged to consult the faculty for guidance in how to achieve the post-graduation goals they have set for themselves.


After graduation from IWU, I decided to devote a year to service with City Year, a national nonprofit organization that places teams of full-time mentors and tutors in high-need public schools. As a City Year corps member, I work in John Hope High School on Chicago's south side, providing full-day support for sophomore English/Language Arts classes. I also provide targeted interventions in attendance, behavior, and course performance to specific students to make sure they are on track to graduate. As an anthropology student at IWU, I gained a social awareness that makes me a more effective mentor to my students. Anthropology's emphasis on writing and research also helped me develop the language skills I use every day. I encourage anyone interested in nonprofit work to consider a service program like City Year, which has been a perspective-changing experience for me and a chance to improve others' lives.

-Laura Hones

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