Inequality Portrayed


On March 6, 2013, students from many classes came together and organized the Course Cluster Open House - Inequality Portrayed. The events aims to raise awareness for IWU students on issues of inequality - in the U.S. and abroad.

Shanty 1

 Students built up the "Shantytown" - a modeling of an African slum - on the Ames Plaza.


Shanty 2

 The Shantytown finished.


 Shanty 3

 Students in Anth/Enst 274: Peoples & Cultures of East Africa embodied the lives of Nairobi street children. Problems they face daily are hunger, cold, glue sniffing, prostitution, and the police. Their complete biographies can be found here.

The Pantagraph published an article about the Project Shantytown.


Shanty 4

 They played soccer with a ball made from plastics bags and newspapers.


Shanty 5

 Jewelry was sold as a means of earning income for the people of the slum. And in Project Shantytown, the donations were sent to the  Rescue Dada  - a Rehabilitation Center for Street Girls in Nairobi. 


Shanty 6

 President Minor Myers as the Patron Saint of the Ames Slum.


OH 7

 Students from Psyc 369: Introduction to Clinical/Counseling Psychology presented posters on inequality issues related to psychological health.


Oh 8

 Students from Span 280: Reading & Writing Culture & Span 230: Medical Spanish talked about their papers.


OH 9

Span 280: Reading & Writing Culture students used posters, statistics, and drawings to portray the problems of inequality raised in the book "La Casa En Mango Street".


OH 10

The poster talked about the life of a Spanish single mom in Mango Street.