Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Teach-In

The 2014 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Teach-In took place on January 20th, with five speakers discussing the common theme of Healthcare Inequality at Home and Abroad. During the three hour-long sessions, which were attended by over 100 people each, topics that were touched upon included the Affordable Care Act, delivering healthcare within the McLean County, and ineffective healthcare delivery models within developing nations.


The Hansen Student Center was packed with attendees: students, faculty, and community members. 

When asked about the unresolved issues/questions with global health models, IWU students gave out thought-provoking comments:


“The idea of sustainability as broader than a healthcare initiative in a community. It also includes looking at ways to support and promote infrastructure development (where needed) and working with NGO and Governmental organizations to identify and meet needs in the various communities.”

“Larger societal issues - prejudice against the poor”


“The health of the volunteers and medical professionals is still of concern, especially if the workers bring illnesses back with them.”

“Issues of cultural competency; trying to better understand cultural ideas—work with their framework. Educate local community and get at underlying issues behind common illnesses.”

“Rethink week-long trips.”

“Fewer Americans. Get Americans to be liaisons/teachers and cooperate with locals. Hire local labor.”




Greg Shaw in MLKProfessor Greg Shaw of the Political Science department at IWU spoke during the first session, with a talk titled "Critiquing the Market Metaphor for Healthcare" which prompted many questions on the state of healthcare in America today.












Angie McLaughlin Angie McLaughlin, the executive director of the Community Health Care Clinic in Normal, and Dr. Trina Scott (standing in for April Brucker) of the Immanuel Health Clinic in Bloomington, spoke on the challenges they face in our surrounding community when it comes to delivering healthcare to those in need, such as the uninsured and underinsured.

 TScott in MLK Day













Gearthart and Prochotsky Wrapping up the Teach-In were Professor Rebecca Gearhart of IWU's Anthropology department and sophomore Peace Fellow Jennifer Prochotsky. Jennifer shared her experience with Mercy Ships, through which she helped deliver medical care in West Africa. This session provoked  a great deal of discussion regarding effective and ineffective methods of delivering this care to places such as Africa, attendees discussed and  shared their thoughts on the subject. Examples of responses can be seen earlier in the page, while the rest can be found  here . 











Download the presentation from Prof. Shaw here .

Download the presentation from Angie McLaughlin here.

Download the presentation from Dr. Trina Scott here.