Advocacy Minor Change the world

A Chance to Make a Difference

You want to change the world, and we're here to help you do just that. Do you have a passion to see justice served? Are you interested in improving your skills as an advocate and to learn the methods of community-based research? Are you considering law school, a master’s degree in public administration or nonprofit management? If so, the advocacy minor is for you!

Citizen Scholars

The Citizen Scholar course isn't a requirement for Advocacy Minors, but we find that many who take this First Year Experience course end up in the Advocacy program after building a connection to the community.

Choose your Path

Students will select from one of the three following areas of concentration:


Students interested in going to law school should consider the Advocacy Minor Concentration in Law. These courses provide you a solid foundation for law school and end in a capstone mock-trial course.

Nonprofit Management

Students hoping to work for a non-profit in their future will find themselves better prepared after taking courses in the Advocacy Minor. Students work with community partners and faculty members to develop action plans and implement research projects as the capstone for this concentration.

Public Administration

If you've ever wanted a closer look into the government, this concentration provides an inside look. The capstone is a City Internship where you work directly with and are mentored by a city alderman.