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Student of Concern

Please see the Mental Health Action Plan for additional information.

Thank you for taking time to report your concern about a student. Please use this link to submit a Student Of Concern, where you will be directed to a page titled Student Reporting Form.

Instructions for completing the form:

  1. Begin typing the student's name for whom you wish to report your concern in the "Name" field under the "Involved Parties" section of the form. The student’s name will populate.  Press  enter  and the student’s identifying information will populate. 
  2. Under the "Role" drop-down menu, select Student of Concern.      
  3. Under the "Incident Type" drop-down menu, select Student of Concern. 
  4. The "Date of Incident" and "Time of Incident" can be the date and time you are submitting the form.   
  5. Under the "Location of Incident" drop-down menu, select Off Campus.
  6. The "Building" entry can be None
  7. Complete any and all fields that apply to your concern.  
  8. If you have no other details to report in the “Incident Details” section, please enter “n/a” or “none”. 
  9. Submit the form.      

All submitted reports will be reviewed by the Dean of Students Office and the Director of Academic Advising.  When applicable, the student may receive a request to meet with a staff member in the Dean of Students Office or the Director of Academic Advising.  Once the form is submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the individual submitting the form; however, that individual will only be contacted directly if additional information is needed. It may take up to 24-48 hours for receipt of this email.

Please note that all written communications or notes regarding a student can be requested by the student under FERPA educational records requests.

If there is an immediate need for attention, please call 911, Campus Safety (x1111) or the Dean of Students Office (x3111).

Phyllis McCluskey-Titus - Interim Orientation/Student Success Coordinator

Department - Dean Of Students