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Illinois Wesleyan Student Senate

Student Senate logoAbout Student Senate 

The Illinois Wesleyan University Student Senate serves as the voice of the student body. They are committed to representing the needs and opinions of the students to the campus administration and to providing the Illinois Wesleyan campus with a forum for discussing important matters. The Student Senate focuses on bettering the campus for all current students, alumni, and future students of Illinois Wesleyan University. 

The IWU Student Senate is comprised of thirty-six senators, nine students representing each class. The Executive Board of the IWU Student Senate is made of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Chief of Staff, Comptroller, CAB Director, and Commissioners. The current Standing Commissioners are the Diversity & Inclusion Commissioner, Advocacy & Awareness Commissioner, Sustainability Commissioner, and the Civic Engagement Commissioner. A more in-depth explanation of each position can be found on the Executive Board page, as well as a short profile on the student currently holding that position and their contact information.  

Student Senate works to help YOU, the students of IWU! If you have any concerns or problems that we can address, let us know by submitting your concerns. Thank you!

Spring 2024 General Assembly Dates

All Student Senate meetings, unless otherwise noted, held on Sundays at 6:00 p.m. in the Memorial Center, Vinyard Room. All General Assembly meetings are open to the entire student body. Regardless if you are a senator or not, we encourage you to come! 

January 28

February 4

February 18

March 3

March 24

April 7

April 14

Student Senate On Social Media!

Be sure to follow Student Senate on Instagram @iwusenate ! Students can learn about upcoming events, University news, and post comments to voice their opinions. Senate also has a Linktree which allows all interested students, faculty, and alumni to keep up with announcements and updates, and receive the minutes from previous meetings.

Tyler Manning - Director of the Office of Student Involvement

Department - Office Of Student Involvement