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Student Senate Financial Advisory Board

Student Senate Financial Advisory Board

The Illinois Wesleyan Student Senate administers and distributes the Student Activity Fee that is paid by every student who attends Illinois Wesleyan University. Here you will find out exactly how your student organization will be able to petition to receive some of that fund, as well as what other organizations have received.

Who We Are

The Financial Advisory Board is chaired by the Student Senate Treasurer, Jishnu Satheeshreddy, who presides at meetings ensuring precedent is followed and votes only in the case of a tie. The board itself is composed of 6 members who are elected by the voting body of the Student Senate. The board will meet on Thursdays at 6:00 p.m. in the Hansen Student Center, Conference Room during the Spring 2024 Semester.

Purandhareeswar Modugumudi, Assistant Treasurer 
Emma Kudelka '27
Aidan Frank Herbert '24 Bea Manlapaz '25
Seth Hamerski '26 Krysten Walowski '27


Student Senate Financial Contacts

For all matters related to FAB hearings, FAB trainings, or other matters related to RSO funding allocations, please direct all inquiries to the Student Senate Treasurer, Jishnu Satheeshreddy .

For all matters related to payment requests, Senate credit card usage, or bill payments, please direct all inquiries to the Student Senate Comptroller, Cayden Webster .

How to Request Funding from Student Senate

  1. Attend the FAB training session hosted at the beginning of the fall & spring semester. If you are unable to attend, email the Student Senate Treasurer ( ) and schedule an appointment to receive the necessary training.
    1. The RSO FAB Training presentation outlines the petition process, important rules and various other points that should be reviewed prior to requesting a FAB hearing.  It was last presented at the Spring 2023 RSO Workshop.

  2. Review the most current Financial Precedent and ensure the funding you seek falls within the categories of our precedent.
    1. Leaders must submit their request by Monday at 6:00 p.m. to be eligible for the upcoming FAB meeting.
    2. All requests over $500 must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event date.  If this timeline is not followed, funding will be denied and the recommendation of rescheduling the event will be proposed.
    3. No contracts can be signed prior to being approved for the funding requested; retroactive punishment may be considered, if not followed.
  3. If your request aligns with the guidelines of the precedent, please fill out the FAB Petition Form and wait for an email from the Senate Treasurer with the time and date of your FAB meeting.  Reminder: Two (2) members of your organization must attend the FAB meeting or no money will be allocated. 

How to File to Receive Funding/Reimbursement

  1. Once funding has been approved, you are free to begin spending.
    1. If your request is under $500, you may spend ASAP; however, if your request is over $500 or passed with reservations you must wait until there is approval by ⅔ of the Student Senate General Assembly.
  2. There are two ways to go about obtaining/using your allotted funds:
    1. First option: Schedule a meeting with or attend the Comptroller’s office hours ( ), and use the Student Senate credit card to purchase your necessary supplies/materials.
    2. Second option: If you use your personal funds to purchase items, please fill out the Student Senate Payment Request Form and email it to the Comptroller with supporting documentation: receipts (picture), W-9s, etc.
      1. You will not receive reimbursement without including the receipt and Reimbursement Form.