Your residence hall is your home away from home

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And most definitely more than a place to rest your head.  Sure, you’ll sleep here.  But more often you’ll be hanging out with friends, learning about yourself and others, and developing skills you’ll use throughout your life.

Hanging out with friends.  

While your residence hall is a place to keep your stuff, it’s also the place you meet best friends that will last through your college years and the rest of your life!  From the First-Year Resident Advisor you meet on move-in day, to the unlikely suspect down the hall you never thought you’d have so much in common with, you will never forget these people who share your IWU life.  

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Learning about yourself and others.

The people on your floor have much to teach you.  With so many varied experiences, backgrounds and values in close proximity, your fellow residents will instruct you in life lessons that will never appear on a syllabus or curriculum map.  As you engage with your peers in discussions and activities, you’ll be surrounded by people who are excited to get to know you, and to help you become the person you’re meant to be!

Developing skills you’ll use throughout your life. 

In your residence hall, opportunities abound to develop skills related to leadership, communication, conflict management and assertiveness–and that's just a start.  From attending workshops and programs sponsored by your Resident Assistant, to serving on your hall government, or just interacting with the variety of people you find in your community, you will hone critical skills that provide a foundation for your life pursuits after IWU. 


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