Office of Residential Life

Your residence hall is your home away from home...

Residential Life Staff 2017-2018

...and most definitely more than a place to rest your head. Sure, you’ll sleep here. But more often you’ll be hanging out with friends, learning about yourself and others, and developing skills you’ll use throughout your life.

Students begin their residential journey in a community with other students who are also just starting out at IWU. But as students grow and develop, their residential living options multiply as well. Students may choose to live in traditional halls, theme communities, suite or apartment style buildings, or in a fraternity or sorority chapter house.

Incoming Students Campus Living Options

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Residential Life at Illinois Wesleyan University is to “facilitate enjoyable, sustainable and inclusive communities that support and enhance students’ academic achievement and personal development". The departmental mission draws upon five core values of the department: diversity, sustainability, fun, learning and warmth.