All fall incoming students receive an IWU Orientation Welcome packet upon confirming intentions to enroll. This packet includes a welcome letter from Orientation Services, IWU email address with MyIWU login information from Information Technology Services, and medical health forms to get you started. Use your Orientation packet envelope to hold important paperwork from IWU all summer. 

Also included in this packet is our Pre-Orientation Checklist.  This checklist includes four major areas:

  • Immediate Action Items
  • Online Forms
  • Fax/Mailers
  • Events & Activities

Below are the checklist items, along with details about each item and links to various IWU webpages for more information.  Once you log into this page with your email address, you will be able to interact with this checklist, marking off the completed items.

IWU staff will also periodically update your page when information has been received.  We hope this site helps you to remain organized as we prepare for your arrival to campus.


 Immediate Action Items

The immediate action list are items that can be completed upon receiving the Orientation packet.  Information is either included in the packet or available on the IWU website.

Login to MyIWU and change initial password

  • The ITS Letter includes details on how to login to
  • IWU has an easy password change webpage:
  • Once changed, IWU does not have access to your password and will never ask you for it.
  • Misplaced or forgotten passwords can be reset by contacting our ITS Support Hotline.

Complete housing agreement and roommate preferences form through the Online Survey

  • One of the first email messages received by incoming students is from the Office of Residential Life detailing the housing process.

Complete the My Student Body Survey

  • Before registering for housing, incoming students are required to complete the My Student Body Program.
  • The My Student Body program is designed to help incoming students process their understanding and beliefs surrounding alcohol use, drug use, and sexual violence.
  • Students can create an account on using the school code "TITAN."



Online Forms

Confirm Housing Assignment and Meal Plan through the MyHousing Portal (June 13th)

  • Whether you plan to live in a residence hall or commute from home, make sure you have completed your  housing application  and  My Student Body  essentials courses. 
  • ORL has a dedicated page on their website with YouTube videos for help with the MyHousing Portal.
  • Students are able to provide hall preference, meal plan selection, and living preferences through this process.
  • Room assignments will be posted in  MyHousing.  

Complete Pre-Registration Form for confirmation of major and Gateway course preferences (June 22)

  • Complete the online  IWU Pre-registration Questionnaire  confirming major declaration, ranking Gateway Colloquia preferences, and indicating second language interest.
  • Based on your Gateway Colloquia registration, you will be assigned a First-Year Advisor which will help advise you on registering for your first semester of classes during Turning Titan: New Student Orientation at an individual set time given to you when you move in.
  • Additional registration resources.

Complete IWU Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement  (August 3rd)

  • The IWU Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement collects data about entering students' high school academic and co-curricular experiences, as well as their expectations for participating in educationally purposeful activities during the first college year.
  • To take the survey:
    • Please follow the survey instructions that we sent to your email address 

Submit Health Insurance Waiver (August 30th)

  • Participation in the Hard Waiver Plan is required unless a  waiver form  is completed at prior to August 30th.
  • Learn more about  IWU health plan. 

Emergency Contact Information

  • Login to MyIWU and set your emergency contact information. 
  • Add additional phone numbers and text messaging options are available.



Fax/Mail-In Items

The spring action list includes items that can be completed during the spring term, but may not be immediately available when Orientation packets initially begin mailing mid-January.  PLEASE NOTE: Although the Spring term has passed, it's not too late to complete the action times.  We encourage students to complete these items as soon as possible.

Submit Medical History and Immunization documentation (August 1st)

Submit Final High School Transcript

  • One of the more commonly forgotten items from incoming students is their final high school transcript.
  • Make sure to mail or fax your official transcript at the end of the school year.

Submit Academic and Housing/Meal Plan Accommodations documentation (if applicable)

  • If you had an IEP or 504 Plan in high school, and want to continue with those accommodations at IWU, documentation must be submitted.
  • All requests for academic, housing, and/or meal plan accommodations are processed in Disability Services.
  • Students can learn more about available housing accommodations on the ORL website.
  • Have a relevant professional complete a verification form and/or submit applicable documentation; forms and documentation guidelines can be found on the Disability Services website.

Student Employment Information

  • Students who are offered work-study as part of the financial aid package need to accept their award (click here for instructions).
  • Students will receive a Student Employment Handbook with other student employment instructions in July (if applicable).
  • Students who are not eligible for work-study positions are also able to work on campus, however opportunities may be limited.
  • Students can find job openings and employment forms on the Student Employment page.
  • Students can email the Student Employment Coordinator or call 309-556-3096 with questions.


Event and Activity Action Items

Once the University closes in May, departments across campus begin to shift gears and information for our incoming class is sent more frequently.  The summer actions are items which will be made available in June or July.

Register for Parent Orientation (Saturday, June 23, 2018 - optional, but highly encouraged)

  • Parent Orientation is a one day event for the parents and guardians of the incoming class of Illinois Wesleyan University students which includes opportunities to meet IWU faculty, staff, and orientation leaders.
  • The day is filled with keynote and educational sessions, office and department informational tables, and a chance to experience Illinois Wesleyan first hand.
  • Register  for the one day event and take a look at the schedule of the day.

Purchase Summer Reading Program book Becoming Nicole: The Extraordinary Transformation of an American Family by Amy Ellis Nutt 

Pre-Register for Orientation Activities (Mission Day)

  • ALL STUDENTS must register for Mission Day! Registration will begin August 1, 2018.