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For Students and Families

Prospective Students

  • If you have an upcoming campus visit, you can ask to meet with someone from Student Accessibility Services, we'd love to chat with you! 
  • If you can't make it to campus, but would like more information on accommodations at Illinois Wesleyan University, please e-mail to set up a virtual meeting or ask questions.
  • After you officially become an Illinois Wesleyan Titan, you can begin the accommodation request process.

Knowing Your Rights

Students with Disabilities have legally protected rights. The Office of Student Accessibility Services reviews these rights with students regularly using the following resources from the U.S. Office of Civil Rights: 

First Time Accommodation Requests

Students requesting accommodations should fill out the Accommodations Request Form to begin their accommodation process; students will need to be logged in to their IWU e-mail account to complete this form. After submitting the form, students will be notified of what additional documentation they need to submit. This documentation will likely include: 

  • A verification form filled out by a licensed qualified professional who has an ongoing therapeutic relationship with the student concerning the qualifying condition and its substantial impact.
  • A copy of an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan from high school or a letter of accommodation from another higher education institution.
  • A diagnostic report including historical data, information on the assessment battery, a specific diagnosis, and a clinical summary. 

Request Accommodations Here

Note: Submission of documentation does not guarantee approval of the accommodations requested. 

Specific Academic Accommodation Next Steps

After you are approved for the following academic accommodations, here's what will happen next: 

Testing Accommodations

  • Review the University's Testing Policy sent to you from
  • Communicate to your professors any testing preferences (testing in an office near by, using the University Testing Center, etc.)
  • Complete the University Testing Center Scheduling Form.
    Note: Students must be logged in to your IWU gmail account to access this form. 
  • Student Accessibility Services will reach out to your professor to collect the exam.

Note Taking Accommodations

  • If you are using a device provided by the university (digital recorder or Echo SmartPen), you will need to fill out an equipment use agreement.
  • If you ware using a personal device, make sure to communicate with your professors about your accommodation. They may have additional concerns or requests for you.

Flexible Deadlines or Flexible Attendance

  • Review the appropriate guidelines for this accommodation sent to you from 
  • Communicate with each professor to set up the standards for your accommodation in this class. This may involve a series of emails or an in-person meeting. 
  • If you cannot come to an agreement with the professor, please e-mail for assistance.

Accessible Text Formats

  • After approval, sign a copy of the Appropriate Use Copyright Agreement Form sent to you from
  • Each semester, you will fill out the Accessible Text Format Request Form .
    Note: Students must be logged in to your IWU gmail account to access this form. 
  • Students will receive accessible formats at no additional cost, however, students must provide proof of purchase/renting the book before they can receive the alternative text due to copyright laws. 
  • Student Accessibility Services will send you information on where you can access your book.
    Note: Accessible formats are not the same as audiobooks. If you would like to find audiobooks of your text, please ask for information on websites that provide these.